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My background


My name is Milagros Suriano-Rivera and those who love me call me Millie.  San Antonio, Texas is home , but I will always be "A Daughter of Brooklyn,".  I am a mother of 4, "Nana" of 4, and  Fiance to my Best Friend and #1 Fan! 

As a woman of color of  Puerto Rican heritage,  color is in my DNA! My art is a reflection of my true self...raw, rough, eclectic, imperfect, vibrant, complex and unpredictable.   

I am a firm believer that the unexpressed life is not worth living. As a Color of Woman 2019 Intentional Creativity Teacher-in-Training I have become an active participant and witness to my own experience.  Creating with intention and in mindful  inquiry to curate consciousness, sacred space and self awareness and healing is what I am hear to cause and create.

My experience


My art explorations started years ago when I was introduced to stained glass by my dear friend Ed Moultrie. I started making jewelry from the remnants of my other projects. 

I later moved to paper jewelry. As I started getting more request for jewelry for sale, Milliemade Creations was born!

Since then I've discovered the world of mixed media with all its delicious possibilities and haven't been able to stop creating! 

Art has become my WHY, my YES, and my EVERYTHING!

My vision


My vision is to create art intuitively, allowing the art to flow from me in a raw and authentic way.  Using various mark making techniques, mediums, and materials to create works from my soul for your soul!  My calling is to impact, impress, and inspire every beloved on my red thread to create their own healing and self expression through art and intentional creativity!

Cosmic Canvas (Intentional Creativity)

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